1967 Chevrolet C10 Pickup Truck
ID# 110263
1967 Chevrolet C-10 Pickup Truck. Fun to Drive, recently finished Custom Chevy Pickup. New Vanilla Cream paint, Tilt Hood, Finished and fast. Everything works.

Description, starting with ground up restore-build:

Truck started life as a 1967 C20 Pickup with a chevy V8 and long wheelbase. The project to rebuild/customize the truck retaining the trailing link suspension, started with changing it from a LWB frame to a SWB frame using a Z cut method for strength and alignment. Strongest method for frame shortening generally used. All the original short frames are disappearing.

A 1980 Chevrolet C10 cross member added Disc Brakes, Power Steering and 5 lug wheels to the front end. The steering column from the 1980 was used. The rear end from a 6 lug, 12 bolt 3.73 gears and a LockRight Locker (Richmond 1910 LR) was installed. The original C20 Trailing Arm link were used to connect the differential in place.

Power comes from a Buick 455 CI big block engine, built to 464 CI. The heads are 0780212, and the block is 1231738. Transmission is a Muncie 4 Speed. Gas tank is mounted between the frame rails at the rear of the bed. Access to fill the tank is through the gas neck on the floor of the bed near the rear. Again, C10 running gear on a C20 1967 frame.

The body encompasses a Front End tilt hood, for easy access to engine tuning. There is no rust in the truck, it is a finished vehicle and looks good. Straight body shown off well by the paint application. Black accents on the grille. Black Interior all finished with copper accents on the dash. New windshield and gasket on front. Sought after small glass rear window.

Asking Price: A$16,560
Secure Handover: A$432
Transport to terminal: A$1,296
Preparation/Quarantine: A$168
Packing/Customs/Shipping: A$1,930
Unpacking: A$269
Broker: A$262
GST: A$1,849
Sub Total: A$22,766
Local Port Costs
Brisbane Fees: A$513
Fremantle Fees: A$850
Sydney Fees: A$513
Melbourne Fees: A$513
Price range: A$23,279 - A$23,616
Additional Services
Inspection: A$648
Marine Insurance: A$199

If the Sub Total for this vehicle exceeds A$65,000 Luxury Car Tax will be applied by Australian Customs.

All West Coast vehicles that do not have wood as part of their manufacture (eg pickup truck with wooden bed or old vehicle with wood interior) and qualify for our pre-cleaning certification are guaranteed to pass Australia Quarantine upon entry. If they do not pass there will be NO additional cleaning costs charged to you.

The above price includes NATA Approved Asbestos Testing on all West Coast vehicles. If they test positive for asbestos only in the brakes, there will be an A$400 fee for the removal, installation of new brake pads and reinspection. The A$400 fee does not include the cost for the new brake pads. If asbestos is found elsewhere we will consult with you what options you have to move forward.

We are working on a similar solution for the East Coast vehicles.



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