1967 Chevrolet II
ID# 111581
1967 Chevrolet "Chevy II" 4-door sedan "Pokey"
Specs: 250 cu-in. inline six, Saginaw all-synchromesh three-speed transmission. Power brakes, power steering, heater ('radio delete' car) with 67,___ original miles - one family ownership since new. It has heater, two-speed wipers, and accessory oil/amp/temp gauge set.
six (not four) seat belts, original set of keys in leather dealer keyholder, original dealer license frames

Within last 15,000 miles or so:
New front suspension bushings (urethane Suspension Techniques)
New brakes and DOT 5 silicone brake fluid
New throw-out bearing
New both tail-light lenses
New windshield wiper motor and switch (no washer pump)
New radiator
All rubber hoses
New battery master switch
New windshield and rubber gasket, new rear glass gasket, trunk weather strip, and front door weatherstrips
Previously replaced or added:
Front shocks and air shocks (rear)
Nova front stabilizer bar
Both driver's and passenger's side rear-view mirrors (GM)
Lacquer paint - turquoise metallic and white*
Upholstery; seats, headliner, door panels and carpet (non-original colors, materials)
15-inch steel rims from '72 Chevy wagon with black radial tires, orig. 'dog-dish' Chevy hubcaps with one extra, 'beauty rings' (5 original 14-inch wheels are included)
Rings (std.) bearings (std.) and reseat valves
New 'turbo' muffler
Rochester 1-bbl. Carburetor (original Carter carb. included, and emissions hardware)
Both bumpers re-plated
Original bumper jack and lug wrench

This car has been repainted in a two-tone combination imitating the style of the 1955 Chevrolet BelAir; the paint is shiny and decent, but no longer perfect - acrylic lacquer is vulnerable if not garaged. The B-A chrome is simulated in Mylar, effect is nice. The original interior (all beige) began to disintegrate at about 35,000 miles, and was replaced by a two-tone black/beige cloth which has been kept covered and is nice, with black vinyl door panels, plus new wind-lace, headliner/visors and carpets. As delivered, it had black rubber mats.

It has had good maintenance (regular oil and filter changes) and tune-ups, though it is very undemanding and 'cheap to keep. The 250 has lots of midrange torque, a fuel mileage is about 19-mpg on the highway and 15-16 in town. The steering idler arm bushing has been replaced three times and needs the new bearing kit to be perfect. The windshield washer motor failed and has not been replaced yet, though the wiper motor and switch are new - the original tank/bracket and plumbing are included. It needs a new back-up light switch.

It had the original thermostat fail on a trip from Chico to Redding for the Cool April Nites show, and as a precaution, we replaced the rings and bearings - still all standard -- (and thermostat), and discovered that this car was built with Pontiac Sprint Six pistons. The C-II has been two fender-benders, both of which necessitated replacement fronts, and chrome. The small replaceable dash pad is somewhat cracked. CA SB42 exempted it from emissions enforcement, so that equipment was removed as it was no longer very effective, and hurt performance and economy (included with car, of course.) All the chrome trim is very good.

it was garaged for one long period before being put back on the road, when it was repainted in acrylic lacquer. There is no structural rust to see, and other corrosion is super minimal.

More photos available here

Asking Price: A$10,512
Secure Handover: A$438
Transport to terminal: A$876
Preparation/Quarantine: A$375
Packing/Customs/Shipping: A$2,485
Unpacking: A$350
Broker: A$450
GST: A$1,300
Sub Total: A$16,786
Local Port Costs
Brisbane Fees: A$515
Fremantle Fees: A$1,080
Sydney Fees: A$515
Melbourne Fees: A$515
Price range: A$17,301 - A$17,866
Additional Services
Inspection: A$584
Marine Insurance: A$143

If the Sub Total for this vehicle exceeds A$65,000 Luxury Car Tax will be applied by Australian Customs.

All West Coast vehicles that do not have wood as part of their manufacture (eg pickup truck with wooden bed or old vehicle with wood interior) and qualify for our pre-cleaning certification are guaranteed to pass Australia Quarantine upon entry. If they do not pass there will be NO additional cleaning costs charged to you.

The above price includes NATA Approved Asbestos Testing on all West Coast vehicles. If they test positive for asbestos only in the brakes, there will be an A$400 fee for the removal, installation of new brake pads and reinspection. The A$400 fee does not include the cost for the new brake pads. If asbestos is found elsewhere we will consult with you what options you have to move forward.

We are working on a similar solution for the East Coast vehicles.



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