1966 Ford Fairlane *Greg*
ID# 112007
New floor pans, rear leaf springs, electronic distributor ( no more points ) 351 Cleveland runs strong. Don't know much about the engine but has bigger cam, intake, carb, headers, mufflers. Very solid car. Also have frame ties not installed yet, Auto trans. Haven't had much time to work on it so its pretty much how I bought it a year ago. The fuel tank has been redone and electric fuel pump fittings installed. Runs and drives as a gasser should.

Asking Price: A$6,795
Secure Handover: A$453
Transport to terminal: A$1,963
Preparation/Quarantine: A$375
Packing/Customs/Shipping: A$2,485
Unpacking: A$350
Broker: A$450
GST: A$928
Sub Total: A$13,799
Local Port Costs
Brisbane Fees: A$515
Fremantle Fees: A$685
Sydney Fees: A$515
Melbourne Fees: A$515
Price range: A$14,314 - A$14,484
Additional Services
Inspection: A$717
Marine Insurance: A$113

If the Sub Total for this vehicle exceeds A$65,000 Luxury Car Tax will be applied by Australian Customs.

All West Coast vehicles that do not have wood as part of their manufacture (eg pickup truck with wooden bed or old vehicle with wood interior) and qualify for our pre-cleaning certification are guaranteed to pass Australia Quarantine upon entry. If they do not pass there will be NO additional cleaning costs charged to you.

The above price includes NATA Approved Asbestos Testing on all West Coast vehicles. If they test positive for asbestos only in the brakes, there will be an A$400 fee for the removal, installation of new brake pads and reinspection. The A$400 fee does not include the cost for the new brake pads. If asbestos is found elsewhere we will consult with you what options you have to move forward.

We are working on a similar solution for the East Coast vehicles.



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